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About mediation

Why mediate?

Divorcing couples increasingly choose mediation because it offers many crucial advantages over the traditional divorce process.  Compared to separating or divorcing through adversarial lawyers, mediation

  1. Costs much less
  2. Is much faster, therefore it...
  3. Helps you more quickly move ahead with their lives
  4. Lets you raise issues important to you – even ones you could not raise in court
  5. Encourages creative case-specific problem-solving, rather than a cookie-cutter approach
  6. Gives you control of your life decisions and your future
  7. Fosters the continuation of both spouses' parental roles, even as you divorce
  8. Greatly reduces conflict, benefiting you and your children
  9. Results in greater compliance by both parties, and much less post-divorce conflict
  10. Focuses on planning for the future instead of rehashing the past           

It may seem surprising, but spouses who are angry with each other often gain the most from mediating, since high-conflict couples otherwise typically spend the most money and time getting divorced. In mediation, you may well conclude that the many thousands of dollars you could spend on attorneys are better spent on college for your kids, and that the years you could waste in legal combat are better spent on your career, and new or other relationships.




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